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Zombicide Expansion: Box of Zombies - Set #3 Angry Zombies

  • Product Code: 0274Toys&Others
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

They go for the throat! You can't kill bezerker zombies with such petty things as bullets. Destroying their head is the only way to silence them. This box contasins additional berseker zombies for the Zombicide board game: more Beserker Fatties, Beserker Runners and Berserker Walkers to fill the streets and prison corrisors with brutality. Use them to inspire fear in the heart of your hardened Survivors and give a brand new meaning to close combat. This box also contains two exclusive Berserker Walkers and one exclusive Berserker Fattie to round out your zombie collection. A Zombicide core game box or a Prison Outbreak box is needed to enjoy the Zombie- Fest in this expansion.


  • 24 additional zombie minatures
  • A Zombicide Core Game box or a Prison Outbreak box is needed
  • Includes 6 zombie cards
  • 3 Exclusive Sculpts