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The Unicorn Princess PS4

  • Brand: Maximum Games
  • Product Code: 0525PS4
  • Availability: Out Of Stock

Embody Leila, a young girl, and travel between the real world and the dream world to help Unica the Unicorn to save the guardian of her world. Explore an open world on the back of one of the six horses you can choose from, with many options to customize your character and your ride. The Unicorn Princess is perfect gift for those who love horses and unicorns!


  • A horse-riding simulation set in a fantasy world
  • A game that combines the reality of horses with the fantasy of unicorns
  • 15 different missions between two worlds
  • Many options to customise your character and horse
  • An open world to explore on the back of one of six horses available
  • A family game with no violence - perfect for those who love horses and unicorns!
  • The only game starring unicorns this year

Product Details
Age Restrictions 3+
Developer Bigben
Language English
Platform PlayStation 4
Publisher Maximum Games

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