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Tales Of The Tiny Planet NSW

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An intergalactic puzzle adventure

Tales of the Tiny Planet is a story of a tiny planet searching through the galaxies for his lost friends.

You have the ability to manipulate the world elements to guide him safely through the galaxies in this physics puzzle adventure.

Each world brings with it new tricky and multi-faceted elements, mechanisms and many surprises.

Will the missing planet be behind the next Portal? Find out, beat the High score or compete with your friends in this physics puzzle game!

  • 6 lovingly-crafted worlds plus a bonus world.
  • 3 exciting game modes.
  • Two-player mode (co-op).
  • 84 varied levels.
  • Infinite vastness and endless Joy.
Product Details
Age Restrictions 3+
Developer Pixelsplit
Genre Casual, Puzzle
Language English
Platform Nintendo Switch