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SOCOM: Special Forces PS3

  • Product Code: 0011PS3
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Control meets chaos as your Special Forces unit finds itself in the middle of a no-win situation in SOCOM: Special Forces. A revolutionary army has seized a South Asian country bordering one of the world's most vital waterways; threatening to disrupt the global economy.As NATO Operations Commander of an elite squad, you have just six days to infiltrate this volatile warzone, tackle the revolutionary forces, uncover the menacing real motives behind the invasion, and get out with your team alive.


  • Intuitive, precise combat - with the PlayStation Move motion controller, you choose how to command and control in the heat of battle
  • Battle your way through the gripping, cinematic campaign mode alone or go online to experience intense 32 multiplayer action
  • Play your part in a multinational team of allies where each member has a different combat role

Product Details
Age Restrictions 16+
Language English
Platform Playstation 3
Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release date 2011