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Ring Fit Adventure NSW

  • Brand: Nintendo
  • Product Code: 0597NSW
  • Availability: Out Of Stock
Mod 2 c

Want to compete with others?

Pass around the Ring-Con accessory and select from 12 mini games: break boxes with gusts of air, craft pottery using squats, and more. If you’re looking for a more formal workout, you can create customised workout routines, mixing exercises and mini-games to help break a sweat. You can even track your performance with some estimated stats by using the Joy-Con (R)'s (sold separately) built-in IR Motion Camera, such as your heart rate and the amount of calories burned from your workout. This way, you can make sure you're hitting your goals.

Mod 2 a

Mod 2 b

Mod 2 c

Mod 2 d

Product Details
Age Restrictions 7+
Developer Nintendo
Genre Sport
Language English
Platform Nintendo Switch
Publisher Nintendo

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