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Everybody's Golf PS4


Play your way

Tee off with friends for a round of fantastic fun and games on the fairways.

Create your golfer, grab your clubs and level up your swing skills with easy to learn controls.

Hop into a golf buggy to zip across the open courses – or relax by the water hazards for a spot of fishing between holes.

Hit the bogeys and birdies online or go it alone in matches, tournaments, missions and mini-games discovering new secrets with every stroke.

This is the golf game for everyone where fun, laughter and excitement are par for the course.

• Hit the greens in 4-player offline matches, or with an unlimited number of players online.

• Live the golfer’s life and customise outfits, monitor stats and unlock new features.

• Perfect your putting, develop your drive and sharpen your back-swing as you improve your skills with easy to learn controls and techniques to master.


  • Fully customisable characters
  • Dynamic living, breathing worlds - daily quests and challenges
  • Full open world
  • Wide range of activities other than golf - karting, fishing and parasailing
Product Details
Age Restrictions 3+
Language English
Platform Playstation 4
Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release date 2019

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