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Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit

  • Brand: Nintendo
  • Product Code: 0129NSW
  • Availability: Out Of Stock

Nintendo Labo. By assembling sheets of cardboard into a variety of shapes called Toy-Con, and combining them with Nintendo Switch, you can bring them to life! Nintendo Labo lets anyone pick up and enjoy making, playing and discovering.

Inside this set you will find a variety of Toy-Con’s which you can use to explore a vast open world by land, sea or air!

Build Toy-Con creations with step-by-step instructions. Combine Toy-Con creations with Nintendo Switch to play in entirely different ways. Explore how the mechanics work as you build and play with your Toy-Con creations!

Change on the fly to suit your playing style, simply swap your Toy-Con Key into a different Toy-Con controller and watch as your on-screen vehicle morphs into the new one, creating a seamless transition to your chosen method of transportation.

      Box Contains

Cardboard sheet x25 (includes an extra sheet for customisation)
Reflective sheet x1
Sponge sheet x1
String (blue) x1
Eyelet set (grey) x2
Eyelet set (red) x2
Rubber band ** (large) x1 +spares
Rubber band** (small) x8 +spares
**Made from natural rubber

Product Details
Age Restrictions 6+
Language EN, DE,FR,NL,ES,IT,JA
Platform Nintendo Switch
Publisher Nintendo
Release date 2018

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