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DreamWorks Spirit: Lucky's Big Adventure NSW


Where will Lucky’s treasure map lead you? Ride as Lucky on a wild new adventure with her faithful mustang, Spirit. You will have lots of fun with Lucky’s fearless best friends, Abigail and Pru, by your side. There is a wide-open frontier to explore, full of exciting quests, animals and items to collect. Navigate dangers, like villainous horse wrangler, Hendricks, who is a little too interested in your treasure hunt. With Spirit growing stronger in your care, and the PALs riding together in style, you will become a true country girl. Will you find and protect the real treasure of Miradero?


  • Be Lucky: Star in a new Spirit adventure.
  • Bond with Spirit: Grooming your faithful mustang helps him grow stronger and trek to new regions.
  • Ride the Frontier: Explore a wild, open landscape full of collectables. How many will you find?
  • Show your Style: Give Lucky a new look with the outfits and items you find on your adventures.
  • Live the Life: Rescue animals in danger, help the townsfolk, compete in horse races, and more.
Product Details
Age Restrictions 3+
Genre Adventure
Language English
Platform Nintendo Switch
Publisher Outright Games

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